Scientific Warehousing

Scientific Warehousing
Encouragement ofScientific Warehousing of Goods

Agricultural commodities are living being, who breaths and require scientific approach in order to keep them alive and consumable while stored. Grains/fruits/vegetables emit CO2 while in warehouse, they do emit heat and create a micro ecosystem in warehouse itself. If this micro ecosystem is not being addressed and maintained conducive for the commodity then with in no time our valuable commodity would peril with no useable left overs at all.

Hence requirement of scientific warehousing is being pressed as an important point on every front of agricultural storage. Kalyx address the requirement in scientific manner with due care at every point. Our infrastructure with which we operate are being selected with scientific parameters and manpower

Some illustrative aspects of scientific requirements of Agri-Warehousing:

  • Proper Ventilation and Aeration
  • Temperature Maintenance
  • Relative Humidity Management
  • CO2 level Maintenance
  • Protection against Pathogens

To address above illustration we select infrastructure which is being built scientifically under defined parameters like proper plinth level, proper ventilators & no access to pests.